The law can be simple

The law can be simple

Winston Churchill's 'we will fight them on the beaches' speech comprises 308 words. The Magna Carta, 4,838 words. A recent directive on the control of potato cyst nematodes contains 5,483 words. We will do our best to simplify the law for you and keep any explanations brief and concise.

We know the frustration that can be caused by long-winded explanations

Our philosophy is a simple one: expertise delivered in a straightforward way, communicated in plain English, in a relaxed and professional manner, with the focus always on the client's objective. After all, why give a long-winded explanation when a straight-forward one will do?


The focus is always on the client's objective.

When you talk to a solicitor at Lyndales it's a two-way affair. We take great care to understand what you're trying to achieve, and then we look for solutions tailored to your goals. Straight talking, plain speaking and no nonsense.